Excellent Design
The appeal of our products comes from the care and attention that is given at the design stage.

Attention to detail, and attention to market needs results in high selling, and highly profitable product ranges.

Easy Customisation
Rainbow Concepts’ products are highly customisable. All our designs are created with the ability to customise the specifics to suit the requirements of our distributors, retailers and end consumers.

Innovative Marketing Support
Distributors of Rainbow Concepts’ products are backed by extensive marketing support to ensure a highly profitably partnership.

The innovative brand-building strategies employed by Rainbow Concepts have proven highly successful in building brand loyalty, spreading word-of-mouth and driving product sales.

Fantastic Value
Rainbow Concepts’ products represent excellent value – for distributors, retailers and end consumers.

High quality design, excellent finishing, stylish packaging and presentation of the item is all achieved while maintaining excellent value for money – a key factor in driving sales and profits for all involved.

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